VANITAS: an image that can be entered.

(look behind the curtain)

These objects that are designed to evoke our desires, to trade with our attention. I forcibly tore these objects from their original purpose and raised them to begin to tell their new story.

I’m tired of all the falseness, pretenses and foolishness…the dependence on profit. Stealing our (non)attention. Yes, it’s stealing in broad daylight. Emptiness is also a value!

I prefer emptiness…oh that beautiful emptiness, where I can breathe and not think about the shit of today’s mind! The world stopped for a moment, giving us a chance to think about the fact that we can’t go on like this.

Everything has it’s time, everything has it’s moment.

Everything has it’s limits. Our planet is the limit!

Those who rob the space around us have no idea that they are also robbing themselves…all of us. Yes I am here and I’m going to keep pissing you off.

When other than now? When else do I ask?



Epos 257
Epos 257